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Perks of Registering Your Yacht or Ship in Vanuatu

Vanuatu yacht

Vanuatu yacht

Beautiful Islands

This perk by itself would make anybody want to fly the flag of Vanuatu on their yacht or ship.  Vanuatu is a tropical paradise in the southern Pacific Ocean that is comprised of an 83-island archipelago.  It is surrounded by sparkling clear blue water and an array of clean fine sandy beaches.  As you venture further into pretty much any of the islands’ interiors you will find tropical plant and animal life.

Does this sound like a slice of Heaven?  Of course, the best way to experience the magnificence of each island is by sea.  Therefore, you would be best off registering your yacht or ship in Vanuatu.  Fly their flag with pride as you sail from one island to another.

Friendly Atmosphere

This is yet another reason to make Vanuatu your home port.  The people here are quite friendly and welcoming.  This is true of the native folks as well as repeat seasonal visitors.  Partially due to the surroundings and partly to the stability of both the government and the economy, everyone is in good spirits here.  It makes for a great time if you are in Vanuatu for pleasure.  What’s more, if you are here for business purposes, it will always be worth your while.  People are more likely to spend their money on your business in an environment such as this.

Limited Regulations

While it is no longer true that Vanuatu is totally regulation-free, they have not gone crazy implementing new ones.  The regulations are put forth with the safety and well-being of all citizens and visitors in mind.  Any regulations they now have make total sense.  An example would be your yacht or ship must be completely sea-worthy in order for registration to be approved.  Other regulations have to do with consumer and business-people protections.  This means someone cannot take advantage of other people on any of the 83 islands of Vanuatu.

Personal Pleasure Sailing Opportunities

As we hinted in the opening paragraph, there are scores of reasons to want to sail throughout the waters of all 83 islands in Vanuatu.  You may want to take your family, roommates or employees sailing just to see the sights.  You could decide to get away from it all now and then and sail by yourself.

Perhaps you want to go scuba diving or snorkeling and need your vessel to get to your destination.  There are so many reasons to enjoy the waters.  But it can only happen if you register your sea vessel.  Why not take it a step further and register it as your home port?  Fly the country’s flag with pride!

Opportunities for Sea Vessel-Related Businesses

This is an idea for you that can be quite profitable.  Buy a fleet of yachts or ships and start a business.  With a fleet of yachts, you could launch a sight-seeing business for citizens and tourists alike.  Depending upon the laws in Vanuatu, you might be able to take passengers on fishing expeditions.

If you want to really go big, purchase a fleet of larger ships.  You can take people out on party-boat excursions or luxury-liner cruises throughout the 83 islands of Vanuatu.  Or go in another direction totally and haul cargo between islands or to and from other countries, starting at one of these islands.  All of the possibilities can become a reality if you get your fleet registered in Vanuatu.

Trade Board Limited

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