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Online solutions for journalists



Online solutions for journalists

Freelance journalists who specialize in writing come in handy when a company or an individual is looking for an email marketing writer, blogger, or copywriter for adverts. Their skills are essential to help a site rank high, connect it with customers, and boost conversions. Not every business owner has all the time to write such content. Others are not even talented in writing and cannot write an engaging piece. This is what has led to increased jobs for journalists online. However, for you as a journalist to get a chance to work with people online, you must be ready to go through the following steps with a potential client.

Be ready to provide a link to your published work

When using one of the many freelancing websites for journalists online, you will come across people who are interested in your services. Unlike other job positions, most employers here are not interested in your CV. A potential client will ask for your past work and take to review it, he or she will decide if you are worth hiring or not.

If you are starting and do not have a website, attach them when applying for the writing job. Make sure you only give out your work as most people will check run it through a plagiarism checker to confirm that’s your work. What’s more, make sure it’s an interesting article that anyone can read and understand.

Be Ready To Answer Questions

If a client is impressed by your writing samples, he or she will want to ask you a few questions. This is what determines how good you are for a particular company. Some of the answers to give include:

  • The type of content you can write.
  • Your availability
  • The number of words or articles that you can write in a day without compromising quality.
  • What ideas you can give a company or a business owner.
  • How your research is done, especially when looking for keywords.
  • Your rate per word or article.


Be ready to join your client’s communication plan

Since you are working online, you will never meet your client. However, most clients know how to develop an effective communication plan. This allows you to send the progress of your work and receive any needed revisions right on time.

Some of the best platforms include Skype or Slack. They allow quick messaging for a smooth work relationship. The client can send you a message anytime and this ensures you complete the project as requested. But, you can discuss with your client about the best time to communicate.


As a writer, you should know that words are powerful and you should register at the most powerful online TOP platform The Online Publishers. Online journalists are many, and you must present your work in the best way possible. Clients are ready to pay the right person as written content helps their business to grow. However, unless they find the right person for the job, it will not help them boost their sales or even expand the business.


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