When most people hear the words “social media and online lobbying”, their initial response is to ask what it is. Well, simply put, in the online lobbying definition, the keyword is lobbying and what it means is for a political party (or an organization) to influence decision-makers’  perception of someone or something. Then, when we add the word online to it, we’re referring to the use of digital platforms and social media for influencing people’s decisions.


Main Feature of Online Lobbying

Three main features are at play in online lobbying and they are:

Digital Marketing

Social Media

Web Publications

Our main focus today is social media’s role in online lobbying, which allows people to have more power in their hands than any other method by applying a democratic approach that gives the public and voters top priority in the process of decision making. These days, social media and its many tools give users the ability to reach mass target audiences both quickly and directly. This results in stronger diplomatic and political influence.


For Politicians

They have the ability, via online lobbying, to tackle significant matters, both national and international, while also easily engaging with voters via the many social media platforms found on the web. These platforms have actually become many politicians’  primary interface for their political campaigns. In fact, public opinion has become highly dependent upon many politicians’ posts, online discussions, and videos. Both management services and reputation builders have become crucial for political figures’ ultimate success.

For Journalists and Reporters

The ability to start developing a number of stories based on what becomes available online is of significant importance to them. Online, they can locate blogs, tons of content, and other information, resources, and events and it’s all easily accessible on social media pages and profiles. This shows us that social platforms can be responsible for creating a positive ripple effect both online and in the international news media, easily being able to reach any person or group of people in the world.

Not Just For Cute Pics Anymore

So, what once began as simply a platform for posting cutesy pics of pets and sharing motivational quotes, is now an excellent and much-needed political tool. In years gone by,  politicians had to hold political rallies for audiences.for the purpose of pushing their campaign or agenda. But, now the entire process has become much easier than ever before thanks to social media online. In fact, it has even brought about the birth of the terminology ‘online lobbying’.

The Online Publishers “TOP Platform”

To that end, the “TOP” platform can serve as a campaigner internationally by being able to offer a massive world of online publishing services and digital marketing. It does so by using a wide range of advanced digital tools as well as extensive online channels. And, that platform partners with bloggers, journalists, and influencers worldwide in addition to online news publications and reputation builders as well as SEO experts for the purpose of providing major online lobbying influence. So, if you’re a professional campaigner, find out more today about online social media lobbying and the “TOP” platform for your political lobbying campaign!

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