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Digital marketing transforming the hospitality and tourism industry

One of the industries most affected by digital marketing is the hospitality and tourism sector. More and more countries and companies are using digital marketing to ensure they reach out to more customers. You need digital marketing if you want to gain a competitive advantage and perform exceptionally in the hospitality and tourism sector. Nowadays many countries have incorporated digital marketing to ensure they can generate new and great ways to reach potential tourists and increase their revenue. Companies like TOP, have emerged to help countries promote their tourism sector through special marketing packages. The tourism digital marketing agency industry is also adapting to incorporate new methods. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how digital marketing is transforming the hospitality and tourism industry.

  1. Booking

The digital world has changed considerably over the years and today almost everything is different from how it used to be. Nowadays, most people use their mobile devices for almost everything including the booking of hotel rooms and flights. Mobile phones are certainly a great invention, and smartphones just made them even cooler. Using a smartphone, you can easily download an app to help you book flights and make hotel reservations when you land. There is an emerging trend in the tourism digital marketing sector, and that is mobile-only travel agencies (MTAs). The MTAs allow customers to book tickets exclusively on mobile apps that are downloadable from the mobile stores. Currently, these emerging mobile-only travel agencies only allow tonight-only bookings but they are projected to grow into full-service travel agencies soon.

  1. In-flight marketing

Sometimes traveling from one point to the next can be simply long and tiring. Travel companies have opted to make the experience more pleasant by introducing in-flight entertainment systems. These systems enable clients to make phone calls, play games, listen to music, and watch TV shows. Many digital marketing companies are taking advantage of these advanced entertainment systems to market tourist destinations and countries. This is a growing trend that is quite effective since flight travelers are the perfect target audience. Quite frankly, it is easier for travelers to concentrate on the tourist destinations being advertised simply because they have nowhere to go at that moment.

  1. Boost revenue at destinations using additional services

Now, once travelers reach their destination, they most certainly will want to do an in-depth dive into the best places they should visit. Through digital marketing and the free Wi-Fi in the hotel rooms, the travelers get suggestions of the most sort-out tourist attractions around. Countries need to ensure that they have a good online presence to ensure that the tourists that come in visit all the tourist attractions they offer. The tourism digital marketing agencies help create much needed online presence through SEO. More revenue is easily generated when tourists can quickly get suggestions of places to visit. Digital marketing is therefore clearly transforming the tourism and hospitality industry greatly since different countries can generate more revenue.


To become successful in the hospitality and tourism industry, you need to adopt new digital marketing strategies. In the past, people did not fully appreciate the digital marketing agencies since they did not fully understand what they bring to the table. Digital marketing agencies have carefully analyzed how people interact with the environment they are subjected to during travel. The insights they gather, therefore, help these agencies recognize what the customers need and they provide just that. More and more countries and companies are inclined to hire digital marketing agencies and quite frankly it is paying off. It is important, however, that you do extensive research before hiring a particular digital marketing agency.

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